Office Switzerland:  Riedthofstrasse 214, CH-8105 Regensdorf
Office Germany:  Cargo City South, Bldg 638A, DE-60549 Frankfurt

CVA Management & Consulting AG

+ 41 44 438 84 84

AAS Freight AG

+41 43 816 27 27

AAS Freight Europe GmbH

+49 69-8700 832-0


Despite Covid sometimes it needs group meetings. With safe distance and mask we keep the rules and contribute to the control of the virus.

Stay healthy!



Complete country coverage in Germany and Switzerland, logistic gateways in Zurich, Geneva, Singen (Swiss German border) and Frankfurt Airport. Daily overnight connections between Switzerland, Germany and other European countries.

Contact us for your Swiss, German and European shipments. We will find custom made solutions for your transport and logistics challenges.

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