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We'll put wings on your freight.

In the air freight sector, AAS Freight AG provides, as circumstances require, round-the-clock, individual or collective shipments, full charter or part charter services, including packaging, transit and customs clearance as well as distribution when the goods arrive in Switzerland.
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Of course, we also provide efficient shipment control throughout the entire process.

If a situation starts getting precarious, we act express (NFO, next flight out). Providing solutions to address an AOG (Aircraft on ground) is actually our speciality, as well as transports of biopharma and hazardous goods.

We always coordinate our network of proven transport partners around the world to ensure that the product gets safely and fast from shipper to consignee. Our increase in personal commitment and years of experience are often crucial factors for success. Call us: 24/7, every day of the year.


Air Freight
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